REVIEW: “Bring a Weasel and A Pint of You Own Blood Festival”

BROOKLYN COLLEGE–I can’t tell you why the Bring A Weasel and A Pint of Your Own Blood Festival has that unwieldy and non-indicative name. (If there any weasels or blood bags in attendance, I certainly didn’t see them.) I can tell you, however, that the festival is part of a collaboration between Brooklyn College’s Playwriting Program and The Public Theater, and that this year, it consisted of four experimental plays by MFA candidates, all loosely based on the works of Mexican-born outsider artist Martin Ramirez.

I can also tell you that this festival also served as a ribbon-cutting for the new state-of-the-art Tow Center for the Performing Arts, which has been under construction for what seemed like forever and opened its doors for the first time just last month. Given that many plays last season suffered greatly from being staged off-campus at theaters seemingly chosen by throwing darts at a map of downtown Manhattan, it’s a relief to see BC’s theater productions getting a permanent home on-campus.