Smart Shopping

  Finding holiday deals on a student budget by Jasmine Nieves

With the holiday season upon us, many shoppers are desperate to snag the latest deals online. Online shopping has increased dramatically, with fewer people stepping away from their phones and computers to venture into stores.

With finals around the corner, this trend works for many students. “I can’t just go into a store and grab whatever is at the top of my head,” says CCNY’s Husam Sharif. “And now with finals coming, I don’t even have time to go into a store to shop anymore.”

Whether you shop in stores or online, use this tips to help with holiday shopping:

  • Buy only items that you need. Do not buy an item only because it is 50% off if you’re not going to use it or give it.
  • If shopping in store, leave the pepper spray at home. There will be a lot of angry and frustrated people during the hectic holiday season. Go into stores with a positive outlook, and stay calm and focused. Or shop online only.
  •  Don’t sell yourself for that sale. While some items may have good reviews, others are not worth the money. According to, a lot of people believe every sale is a chance to save. But that isn’t always accurate.
  • Finally, don’t get stressed with all this holiday mess. This is supposed to be fun.