City College–Rated Country’s Second Ugliest Campus

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 9.33.12 AMReally?! by the staff of The Campus

We’ve made it onto lots of prestigious colleges lists. Forbes, Princeton and U.S. News have all praised our school recently. But here’s a list we’re surprised to be part of: Complex Magazine stuck us on its list of the country’s Ugliest College Campuses. In fact, we came in at number two. Here’s how their reviewer described our generally much praised, unique design:

Location: New York
Year Built: 1847
Key Architects: George Browne Post

Many of City College’s buildings were designed by George B. Post. When submitting proposals for the project, Post actually drew up two plans, one in the Beaux-Art style and a second in the Gothic style. The college chose the latter. Post’s buildings are over-the-top ornate like the building that houses the Department of Psychology, which looks like a church decorated in lumpy icing or a wedding cake gone wrong. Due to this poor stylistic choice, the campus is uninviting and also a little terrifying.

We have two words for Complex–a vanity publication of the hip-hop clothing magnate Marc Ecko that has been accused of inflating its circulation numbers–but they can’t be printed here.