Bringing Clean Water to Nicaragua

Everyone can agree that water is essential. The United States is built on a society where much of its population does not have to worry about having water. Unfortunately, this access is often taken for granted, as there are many places in the world that still need a sufficient water source. Engineers Without Borders (EWB) is one of many humanitarian groups that take their education to the next level, providing the world with such necessities.

In January, City College’s chapter of EWB was approved to begin a mission that would provide over 300 Nicaraguans with clean, consumable water. They have been working for months to see their efforts become tangible and plan on visiting the more rural regions of Tadazna this upcoming summer. A specific date for the trip hasn’t yet been decided.

EWB-CCNY strives to provide needed infrastructure such as water treatment systems and footbridges. By working with their partners in New York and on-site in the region, EWB-CCNY will provide 46% of the population of Tadazna, Nicaragua with a sustainable hydra-system that will allow them access to drinking water for years to come.