Upgrade U: WHCS Radio gets technical to improve listener experience

HUNTER COLLEGE–Thanks to a rollover from last year’s budget, WHCS Radio will be able to make some technical upgrades that will allow it to broadcast through a mobile app and make other adjustments to improve listener experience for this fall and beyond.

The station’s budget of $47,934 for 2018 includes rollover funds that will result in a 33 percent budget increase from last year, which inspired its executive board to part ways with the station’s former server provider. After experiencing a multitude of technical difficulties that resulted in the loss of about 15 to 20 radio programs last spring, the E-Board decided to start the fall semester with a new server provider named Radio.co. The switch required more than 24 hours of labor from the station’s board members and technical support staff, but John Ribaudo, the club’s treasurer, believes their work will pay off.