USG Votes Unanimously In Favor Of Increasing Senate Stipends

BARUCH COLLEGE–In a unanimous decision, Baruch College’s Undergraduate Student Government approved a proposal to be presented before the board of directors for a stipend increase for USG representative senators, chairs and vice presidents. The 19-0-0 vote concluded after hours of debate on how much and why the increase should occur. The final result was that representative senators will make $160 instead of the current $80 a month and chairs and vice presidents will make $250 instead of $100 a month. This stipend increase will cost $10,875 and will come from the surplus.

The leftover money from their budget that clubs and organizations do not spend is what makes up the surplus. For USG to get their proposal passed, members will have to appeal to the board of directors at the next meeting on Dec. 13 to get the stipend increase.