The Kingsman to Host USG Presidential Debate

BROOKLYN COLLEGE–The Excelsior’s rival paper, The Kingsman, is getting set to host the first USG presidential debate this week.

Currently, there are three tickets on the ballot: President of Young Progressives of America (YPA) Carlos Jesus Calzadilla-Palacio with running mate Nailah Pressley, who’s the vice president of WBCR; former CLAS representative Hamza Khilji with running mate Zain Qureshi, who’s a part of the B.A.-M.D. Program; and CLAS speaker Alyssa Taylor with running mate Ethan Milich, who’s the current CLAS deputy speaker.

“I feel very passionate about having a debate. I think that campaigning on social media is effective, but it is difficult for voters to properly gauge who they support,” Khilji said. “There’s a lot of limits for expressing your campaign on social media, but in person, you can get directly to the point and explain your logic and reasoning.”