USS Scholarship Funding Delay Makes Student Scramble

CUNY SCHOOL OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES–The Big Budget of the University Student Senate

Every Fall and Spring Semester, each of the over 270,000  CUNY students pay a student activity fee. The CUNY-wide student senate, called the USS, collects $1.45 of this fee,  The USS budget is significant, and elected officials from each campus determine how these funds are spent. A substantial portion of this budget goes to the USS scholarship program.

Last summer, the USS announced the 2018 winning candidates. The scholarships totaled over $100,000 for 100 CUNY students. Later, at the annual scholarship dinner held in October, the students received the certificates for their scholarship. That was the last the awardees heard for months to come. After a few months, the SPS Student Services Office started receiving complaints from awardees who had not received their scholarship payments.