It’s a Foodie Fest: Shiva’s Gallery “Foodie Fever” Exhibit at John Jay

Photo:Robert Zott

JOHN JAY COLLEGE OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE–You and your friends sit down to eat at a trendy cafe, order your brunch and eagerly wait until your server arrives back to the table, juggling plates of piping hot food. The smells overcome you and while you begin to grab your fork, the click of a phone camera stops you mid-reach. How could you forget, the phone eats first?

Not literally, of course. But in modern millennial culture, sharing photos of aesthetic food has become a trendy phenomenon. The Anya and Andrew Shiva Gallery, located at John Jay College, dedicated the first exhibit of the school year “Foodie Fever” to the social media trend. The exhibit features pieces with various commentaries as well as addressing some of the issues that arise from the craze.