CUNY Board of Trustees Approves Dormitory Refunds, Student Activity Fee Waiver And CR/NC Policy

HUNTER COLLEGE–The CUNY Board of Trustees approved on Monday motions to refund dormitory fees, waive 25% of student activity fees and implement a flexible grading policy. Refunds will be issued to students who recently vacated their dormitories at CUNY. 

Continuing students will receive partial dormitory credit for the months they would have lived in the dorms if not for the closure. This credit will apply towards future semesters at CUNY. Students graduating in May 2020 will receive a partial refund.

Refunds only apply to those students who “are in good standing at their institutions, have paid their bills in full for the spring 2020 semester, and have vacated the University dormitories,” according to the CUNY Board of Trustees