The Kids Are Not All Right

Photo: Volkan Olmez / Unsplash

CITY COLLEGE — The coronavirus taught me something about myself. Staying at home, isolating, I realized that I did not live entirely at my home. The new normal for me began when Governor Andrew Cuomo shut down all colleges and schools. I stopped going to The City College of New York.

A few days later my father joined me. He cooks at a Japanese restaurant preparing soba, buckwheat noodles, and it closed when all New York City restaurants went to delivery or take-out only. A week later, my mother requested a week off from her job as a nanny to a baby whose parents are divorced. She would care for the child in New York with the mother during the week and with the father in New Jersey on weekends when she also worked as a housekeeper. But she worried about traveling as COVID-19 cases continued to grow in the city.