Tiny Plastic Babies Create Community for Students

HUNTER COLLEGE– Gabriella Perez-Hernandez ran to the fifth floor of the West building, nervous that someone would get there before her. She arrived, grateful she found her prize: a tiny plastic baby.

A couple weeks prior, the person behind the Instagram account, @huntercollegeaffirmations, hid 150 small plastic baby dolls around Hunter College’s, turning the whole campus into a scavenger hunt. Perez-Hernandez’s one inch tall pale-skinned baby, which she named Paula, now sits on her desk next to a frog astronaut.

The student behind the account started it as a joke, or as their account bio says, a “new coping mechanism.” They asked to remain anonymous because they dislike attention. “I also don’t want a lot of people to bother me about the account,” said the creator over Instagram direct-message.