Diane Lake, BC Student and USS Leader, Dies at 22

BROOKLYN COLLEGE–Diane Lake, a recently transferred Brooklyn College student, passed away on Friday, Mar. 4 at 9:15 pm. The family was unable to confirm the cause of death to the Vanguard before press time. She was 22. 

“Diane has a huge heart and always puts others before herself. Diane was a lovely person and some people might say that she was a very funny person,” wrote Sheilla Lake, Diane’s mother, on a GoFundMe page she organized for Diane’s funeral on Saturday, Mar. 5. 

Lake was known to many as a selfless and giving person, who strived to create positive impacts day-to-day. Whether it be singing in her Seventh-day Adventist Church or being there for those in need, Lake made her mark on those around her.