‘My Queerness Does Not Make Me Less Black,’ Panelists Call for Acceptance

BROOKLYN COLLEGE–The intersection between race, gender, sexuality, and all other aspects that build identity have often shaped human experiences. As times have changed, more discussions of the complexity of identity and how it is perceived in different communities have come about. On Oct. 12, Brooklyn College’s Wolfe Institute hosted a panel on these topics, along with the ongoing challenges the queer Black community faces.

“You have to continue bringing these conversations of queerness within your own circle, within your family, within the structures that you see daily,” said Kaneita Marcelin, a BC student, activist, and artist, during the event. “Yes, I award every Black queer person that’s been able to succeed but there’s those of us that are still dying; there’s those of us that can’t find housing; there’s those of us who can’t find jobs because of our queerness.”