Yemen Club Confronts Mental Health Stigma at Panel

BROOKLYN COLLEGE–Having good mental health is quintessential for one’s well-being. Unfortunately, discussing mental health is stigmatized in many countries and the communities within them. For Yemeni Americans, there are added barriers for this ethnic minority in the United States where talking about mental health as a Muslim can feel for some as coming into conflict with their faith.  

Brooklyn College’s Bridges for Yemen club hosted its panel “Alhamdulilah and? Navigating Life Stressors as Yemeni-Americans” on Saturday, Jan. 28, in collaboration with the Yemeni American Merchants Association, the Muslim American Society, and Eiha, a Yemeni community organization based in Brooklyn. Alhamdulihah, which translates to “praise be to God,” was paired with “and?” to reflect the panel’s open discussion about mental health and its relation to faith, providing resources and support for those in the community who are struggling.