Key Change Leads to CUNY Student’s Music Career

BROOKLYN COLLEGE–In his East Flatbush apartment, 28-year-old music composition major Gidong Kim gets comfortable in his chair as he looks down at his keyboard in front of him. 

“When performing my music, I don’t show the sun or any other bright lights. Instead, I make everything look dark, and light a candle,” Kim told The Vanguard. “I can say that is the best way to describe my music, I always try to express myself and that’s what I love about composing pieces – its art.” 

Kim’s relationship to music is one that stems from his early childhood. He recalls learning how to play the piano at seven-years-old. Since then and up until high school, Kim considered the piano merely a hobby. It wasn’t until he performed as a keyboardist in a high school band in South Korea that Kim realized where his true passion for music lies in relation to his career.