Students Lead March Across Brooklyn Bridge For New Deal For CUNY

BROOKLYN COLLEGE–CUNY student leaders led a march on Sunday, March 19, calling for state officials to fund the New Deal for CUNY, a bill that aims to make the university tuition-free and more equipped with mental health counseling. It would also increase salaries for adjunct professors, among other demands. Students from the University Student Senate spearheaded this year’s annual rally across the Brooklyn Bridge alongside faculty, staff members and allies from city and state legislature. The rally came 12 days before Governor Kathy Hochul’s state budget finalizes in Albany.

“I know my colleagues are here – we’re going to do everything we can up in the capital, the people’s house, to fight for this New Deal,” said State Senator Andrew Gounardes, one of the bill’s sponsors, during the rally. “But we need you guys having our backs, we need you marching on the streets.”