BC Esports Club Wins Intramural Competition

BROOKLYN COLLEGE–Brooklyn College’s Esports Club went head-to-head against other CUNY schools at the City College of New York’s Valorant Exhibition on Aug. 19, coming out on top at the first intramural tournament of the season. Esports is made up of teams that face off in the digital world, playing games like Call of Duty, League of Legends and more. For this competition, the BC team went up against Baruch, City College and Hostos Community College in the game Valorant, a first-person, character-based shooting game.

For the BC esports club, the victory comes as no surprise because of the team’s preparation, dedication and support for one another. “We had a lot of practice and scrims [scrimmages] the week before the tournament. We mainly focused on the synergy and coordination within the team. As a result, we got the win,” said Anthony Wong, team captain and a senior at the college.