Migrant Crisis Grows As NYC Grapples With Funding Issues

BROOKLYN COLLEGE–The migrant crisis continues to grow as city leaders debate over funding to help solve the predicament that began in the spring of 2022. New York City has already spent $1.45 billion to help asylum seekers with food, shelter and other services, according to Mayor Eric Adams’ administration. Recently, there have been many disputes over where to house the migrants.

Mayor Adams stated that the funding issue is largely because of how the United States handles immigration. “New York City has been left to pick up the pieces of a broken immigration system – one that is projected to cost our city $12 billion over the course of three fiscal years without policy changes and further support from the state and federal governments,” he said.

Last week, Staten Island residents held multiple protests to express their discontent over the idea of housing migrants in a shelter that was formerly a school. Many community members say having the migrants stay in their neighborhood would be a safety concern.