CUNY Students’ React to the Migrant Crisis

As New York, a sanctuary city, is wrapped up in a debate on how to handle the migrant crisis, CUNY students shared their opinions on the matter.

John Jay alumnus Mayor Eric Adams turned unused spaces such as Roosevelt Island and former Creedmoor facilities in Queens into migrant shelters. Many New Yorkers opposed the mayor’s actions, with anti-migrant protests erupting around the city. Over a third of CUNY students identify as immigrants, and CUNY students offered varying opinions on the issue. 

Fairoz Avin, a senior at John Jay, is concerned that migrants are not receiving proper care and opportunities to sustain themselves, especially after reports of migrants expressing that they do not receive enough food have surfaced.  

“Instead of protesting outside of migrant shelters, we as New Yorkers should be worried that migrants are not fed and taken care of properly,” said Avin. “They deserve the same rights as us all.”