CSI Staffer Turns Video Game Passion Into Esports Club

COLLEGE OF STATEN ISLAND–At eight years old, Alberto Sanchez was down his street in the Bronx where he played at the local park with his friends. Up until the moment he saw a UPS truck turn the street corner, he immediately knew his first video game was about to be delivered. He and his friends quickly ran to his house so they could rip open the package and play his new video game. 

“Most kids play video games, it’s kind of the norm,” Sanchez said. “Some grow out of it, but I stuck with it.”

Esports was one of the newest programs here at CSI, formed in 2020. The news of an Esports team quickly caught the interest of gamers on campus. Sanchez was the founder of CSI Esports, but he had never competitively played Esports himself, so he stepped into something new.