Opinion: How To Do A Halloween Movie Marathon

BROOKLYN COLLEGE–To the uninitiated, choosing which (or how many) movies to watch on Halloween with friends is an arbitrary task, usually decided by whatever factors surround it. How many people will be there? Will they be paying attention? When will they get tired and leave? But to the true connoisseur of late October classics, the task is not so easy and can take years of tinkering to master. After experimenting on friends and family for a decade, the following method is sure to be not only a decent way to choose Halloween films, but the best possible way.

First, the matter of time. How many movies? Three. That may sound like a lot, but if the gathering starts in the early afternoon, the last movie will finish late into that Halloween night – the perfect time to lift the spell, with room for short breaks between screenings.

I don’t know your friends, your apartment, or your situation, but I can say that I encourage discussion during the screenings (short of outright ignoring it). Halloween viewings are a communal exercise, and the foundation of that is everyone seeing the movie, reacting to it, and sharing thoughts as it trucks along.