LGBTQ+ Student Center Provides Safe Haven

CITY COLLEGE–The City College of New York (CCNY) created its LGBTQ+ Student Center in its North Academic Center (NAC) to give queer students a place where they feel comfortable. “It’s important to have spaces where people can come by and explore this part of their identity,” said Jake Nill, the center’s program manager.

Nill is a CCNY alumnus who graduated in 2019. Aside from being a place where LGBTQ+ students can feel safe, he wants the center to fill the social gap he noticed while attending college.

Bright decorations and flyers fill the room, and there are tables and chairs where students can sit and talk. There are contraceptives in a bowl on the front desk for anyone to take. Students float in to hang out, eat lunch, or access counseling or STD testing.