From The Bay to Brooklyn: Aleah Rafat is the Bulldogs’ Californian Comet

BROOKLYN COLLEGE–College athletes face a lot of pressure as they juggle their mental and physical health and are expected to excel both in the classroom and on the field. Aleah Rafat does that three times over throughout the entire school year. As a junior majoring in journalism and media studies, Rafat plays volleyball, basketball, and softball for Brooklyn College.

Living up to a standard that most CUNY athletes can only dream of, Rafat has won individual accolades while assisting the Bulldogs in winning three championships: two for the women’s basketball team and one for women’s volleyball. With one CUNY Athletic Conference title in volleyball and two in basketball, Rafat firmly cemented herself as a Bulldogs legend before she was even an upperclassman. Rafat became a Bulldog because she took a leap of faith, a decision that changed the landscape of BC sports.