The Women’s Center Weaves Fiber Arts into Feminism

Louisa Pira (left) and Rosalina Khanis (right) at Crochet and Chill

BROOKLYN COLLEGE — Since the Industrial Revolution, crocheting has been an extremely popular, yet gendered, craft. Like most fiber arts, crocheting has historically been deemed “women’s work,” or a hobby reserved for older women, according to crochet historian Ruthie Marks. With the help of the Brooklyn College’s Women’s Center, student Louisa Pira is dismantling that stereotype by hosting “Crochet and Chill.”

“We kind of want to fight or work against the stigma of the ageism in the fiber arts community because a lot of people were like, oh, ‘it’s for grandmas’ like, why is that bad?” Pira told The Vanguard.