USG Leaders Push Fee Hike to Raise Money for Clubs

Photo of City College (CUNY)

CITY COLLEGE–On Thursday, February 15, over 100 representatives of City College clubs met online with the Undergraduate Student Government to discuss club budgets. USG Executive Vice President Aila Choudhary, and Vice President of Finance Khizar Imran, led the meeting and taught student club leaders how to request funds. He also reintroduced the idea of the Club Budget Referendum that would raise the student activity fee.

The proposal would require 10% of the student body to sign the petition for the fee hike to get on the upcoming ballot. If it passes, the clubs will have an additional $170,000 to draw on. Clubs with long legacies and new ones, say they need more money to operate and run events. That’s why the USG wants students to support a $12 fee increase that would boost the fee for full-time students to $76.95.