Being a Mentor 101

A recent event hosted by our career center highlights the importance of getting guidance, advice and support from alumni by Angelique Williams

In today’s economy securing a job after graduation is not enough. It’s essential to have someone teach you the ins and outs of what your career is going to be like in the long run. The CCNY Mentoring Network provides just that, offering a way for students to connect with alumni for advice, guidance and support.

On November 28, in the NAC building the center held an information session, alumni interested in being mentors. With 157 alumni, the Mentoring Network offers mentoring in a wide variety of professions. Some mentors help find internships for their mentees and others allow them to shadow them for a few days at their job.

Lucia Brea, a CCNY alum, graduated in 2008 with a bachelor’s in sociology. She attended the event with the goal of becoming a mentor for a student–and also a mentee. “The information I given today help me gain a lot of knowledge,” she say. “I am looking forward to becoming a mentor and a mentee. I find that networking is really helpful; it’s all about who you know.”

David Thompson, a counselor in the career center offers advice for students looking for mentors. “Becoming a mentee you must have goals,” he says. “Smart goal setting is good; it helps to decide what motivates you as a person.”

As for mentors, “think about what you want to from your mentee have expectations,” Thompson explains.

To find out more information about the CCNY Alumni Mentoring Program students should visit The Career Center, NAC 1/116 or click here.