Healthy Monday Shake

“City Never Sleeps” by Bryant Buernet



Healthy Monday

Today the Wellness Center is hosting its ongoing weekly healthy event focusing on topics such as proper nutrition, sleep hygiene, physical activity, and emotional well being, among others. Join them for an informative discussion at the NAC cafe from 12 PM till 2 PM. You’ll be sure to leave with a hearty dose of knowledge.


Harlem Shake

While Nemo is out the people will shake!

No, it’s not a protein shake. During the storm this weekend, videos of those stuck inside recording themselves dancing out of control doing the Harlem Shake, went viral. The meme is not just a dance, it is set to the tune of ” Harlem Shake” by New York DJ Baauer. To watch the video by Filthy Frank, credited for starting this craze, click here.


Exchange program with Stanford University

Last year CCNY began an exchange program with Stanford University, sending the brightest students in science and engineering to study at the prestigious’ school summer institutes for engineering and entrepreneurship.
As of now, it has been extended to students in Humanities and the arts considering graduate school in one of the H&A disciplines. For those who wish to know more, click here. Act soon, the application deadline is Friday, March 1, 2013.


NYC College Line

Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education, Dennis Walcott partnered with CUNY Schools to release NYC College Line, a website attempting to be a one-stop-shop for college-bound students. It aims to offer tips, and guide students in the entire process of getting into college, from admissions to financial aid. According to their site, “NYC College Line is a free community for students, families, and professionals – focused on the phases from exploring college all the way through completion.” For more information, click here.