Higher Wages, More Shopping Choices, and Good Hair

City Never Sleeps by Stephanie Cruz

Time for a Raise! Proposed Minimum Wage Change

Just in case you missed it, Governor Andrew Cuomo paid us a visit yesterday as he presented his ideas in Aaron Davis Hall. He touched on many topics, but one of the most interesting was raising the minimum wage. The governor believes that the minimum rate should be $8.75, and is “the right thing to do.” With housing costs on the rise, Cuomo calculated that the minimum salary was barely enough to cover it. Read more.

Rabbi shares his thoughts on Anti-Muslim ads

Freedom of Speech, guaranteed by the first amendment, but how much is too much? You may remember seeing a couple of anti-Muslim posters on the train a few months back. Today Rabbi Jacobs is going to speak here on the advertisements, and touch on ‘why Jews do social justice.”

He will be speaking in the Nac room 5/202 at 12:30. More info.

More Options on 125 Street!

Just ten years ago Harlem’s 125th street was a different place. Now it’s booming with retailers, such as the national retail chain H&M. The recession slowed down the development in this area, but lucky for shoppers, retailers are working on changing this. The building next to the Apollo is the first of many projects that are to come in this area. Also, cross the street a new GAP will be opening soon. Here is some more information on Harlem’s main shopping center.

Got “Good Hair” ?

Chris Rock explores the definition of “good hair,” according to black Americans. Join him on his exploration of this topic, and how black culture defines questionable terms.

To kick off Black history month there will be a free screening of this documentary in the Nac room 6/316. The show starts at 12!

Sober Thirsty Thursdays

Thursdays are the new Fridays, and what’s Friday without a cocktail? Well the offices of student life and development is trying to show the student body that you can actually have fun without alcohol, or any other illegal substances.

Join your fellow classmates in the towers tonight at 7 p.m. There will be games of Twister, Taboo, Dominos and more.