Scam Emails, New Library Hours, CCNY Top Chef and More!

‘City Never Sleeps’ by Ardenis Perez

Scam Emails Sent to CCNY Students

The office of information technology is warning CCNY students of email scams and phishing emails.

Quick reminder: never share your personal information with anyone through email or click on links or downloads of any emails that may look suspicious. For more info please click here.

Extended Library Hours

Midterms week is coming up and the library has extended its hours so students can get all of the studying they need. Until March 22nd, the library will be open 24 hours. This means that on Mondays it will open at 7 a.m. and close on Fridays at midnight. The regular hours for the weekends will still be in place (Saturdays 9am to 6pm and Sundays 12pm to 6pm).

Happy studying!


Physics Colloquium

Stop by room 418N in Marshak today at 4pm for a special talk on how oceanic plates affect Alaska. The event will be hosted by research professor from the Lamont Doherty Observaory, Donna Shllington.


Biochemistry Seminar

Mary Roberts, a professor of chemistry at Boston College, will host a seminar about the binding of proteins and phospholipids. Interested? Then stop by Marshak at 12pm in room 1027 to check it out.

Send Your Recipes for CCNY’s Top Chef Competition

Tomorrow March 7h is the due date to send in your own recipe for CCNY’s 2013 Top Chef Contest brought to you by Student Health Services and Metropolitan Food Services. In order to submit your recipe you must email And don’t forget your recipe has to be from one of three categories, chicken/beef, seafood, or vegan. The contest will take place on March 14th! Happy eating!