Will Shepard Hall Ever Be Repaired?

 Will somebody please fix our most precious building? by Darlene Bueno

 Shepard Hall has been praised as one of Harlem’s most beautiful buildings. “I love the castle structure this building has, especially the stairs and its long windows,” says Victoria, a CCNY student who preferred not to use her last name. “It’s by far my favorite.”

Many agree. One of CCNY’s oldest buildings, it was designed to look like a castle. Given how beautiful it is, why is the college letting Shepard Hall fall apart?”

“Shepard Hall has been deteriorating for 100 plus years,” says an employee in the facilities office who asked that her name not be mentioned.

Students complain that of all CCNY’s buildings, Shepard Hall is the dirtiest and most unkempt. Scaffolding has marred the front for what seems like years and the walls in some rooms are scarred and stained. “In the summer this building is horrible!” says Adriana, who asked that her last name not be used. “The windows are nailed shut and the air conditioner is never working correctly.”

The anonymous facilities employee insists that the building is being fixed. “They are working on it,” she explains. “They are repairing the alarm post, the entrance, lighting, restoring the northern entrance, energy and, of course, the windows.”