Smart Shopping Eases Bookstore Madness

7_eGvqaaoHLu5YhWkTl-RtDNcSsrgiA6myfqd2CrcWwpc2Cw8_LlKIovhs-fG0dLtCbi5Q=w1416-h643Don’t panic about long lines to buy textbooks and supplies by Carrie Jeremy

 The fall semester has arrived and students are scrambling to get their textbooks and supplies. At the CCNY bookstore, located in the NAC building, and are lined up out the door.

Victor Wallace, a bookstore employee for 14 years, says the beginning of this semester is not much different from past years. He has seen it all. “Freshman are interesting,” he says. “One asked if this is the bookstore, and do we take money.”

During this time when the lines become hectic, Wallace adds that students sometimes engage in “five-finger discounts.” No thefts have been reported yet, since students are getting the groove of where supplies are.

Despite the madness, Wallace feels needed by freshman since they always ask questions, giving him a chance to share his knowledge. He gave two tips to help avoid the craziness:

1. Order books online to cut your wait time in half. You purchase and pick up the receipt at the bookstore.

2. Pick up textbook orders during club hours. Students unable to purchase online can go to the store between 12pm-2pm. Says Wallace: “It’s like a supermarket. Everyone that comes in is a different ethnicity or race.”