Tech Crash Hits Campus

tech2What’s going on with technology? This does not compute by Elsie Alonso

Along with the first week of school shenanigans from CUNYfirst, technical difficulties continue at CCNY. The entire computer system on campus crashed last Monday enraging students and staff.

Like so many students and faculty, Professor Abby Kornfield had to wing it. “I know the system is down, but if you have your assignments please pass them forward,” Professor Kornfeld, told her class. She teaches Romanesque and Gothic art professor at CCNY. “It’s unfortunate, but I do prefer hard copies.”

The lag is not only annoying, but also impedes the progress of the new semester.

On Wednesday, printing resumed at CCNY, but only in a few designated areas. Wednesday morning the computer lab was still closed and there was only one printer in the library available. By 9 a.m. they added another.

IMAG4892-1“This is my thing: tuition is going up every semester, and this is all very inconvenient,” said a student waiting on line to print, who wanted to remain anonymous. “It’s B.S. If they needed to do maintenance they should have done it during the summer time.

Finally, students, faculty and staff received an e-mail late Wednesday afternoon saying, “The OIT staff is working hard to restore all services as soon as possible.”

We hope so. When asked for further information and updates about the college’s tech crisis, the IT department declined to comment.