Artist Spotlight: Marz Leon

By Oscar Lemus

Published: October 14, 2014

As I trawled trough sound cloud searching for a new music fix, a musician I follow reposted a song; the cover was aesthetically pleasing and quickly piqued my curiosity. It consisted of a red-bodied female with a crown, her bare back towards the screen, and she was looking ahead to what I believed to be clouds or water; at the top of the cover in big bold letters, the word “loner” was spelled out in pure white. The artist to whom I was just about to listen is named Marz Leon.

Hailing from the west coast, the LA-based singer/songwriter/producer Marz Leon makes her debut with a completely hypnotic and esoteric sound. Her first track, entitled “Loner,” opens up with a dark, hissing bass sound and thumping kick; at this point I knew that I would go through more of an experience than a song. Suddenly, a soothing voice came onto my speaker, sounding polished and signifying that I would now listen to a seasoned pro. Her EP, also entitled “Loner,” released just this past summer, showcases Marz not only as serious musician but also as someone who exudes confidence by commanding her own sound, which not many artists are able to do these days. In her songwriting throughout this project, we hear a palette of themes that mesh extremely well with her production. For example, love, and the lack of it, are explored deeply and are thought of as an existential theme in various tracks.

Her sound can be described as a mix of futuristic ballads and production that are as equally powerful as they are distinctive. Besides being a musician, she also partakes in modeling, designing clothes by hand, and even directing her own music videos, which is don’t only provoke admiration but also explain her attention to aesthetic detail. Marz Leon’s overall artistic mantra is definitely a breath of fresh air in world of music, where being distinctive has proven all too often to be a hindrance rather than an asset.

If you’d like to listen to or simply check out Marz Leon, you can find her on:


Instagram: Marzxleon