Fall Do’s and Don’ts

By Christell Cherenfant

Published: October 14, 2014


Cardigans and blazers worn over a simple sweatshirt or crewneck make the outfit come alive.

Oversized Sweaters
They make everything more comfortable. Layering a plaid flannel or a denim shirt underneath will add some pop.

Add some edge to your wardrobe, walk down the street, and notice how many heads will turn your way.

Black on Black
There is no such thing as too much black clothing, especially in the fall. Fall makes darker colors stand out.

They’re “in” for almost every season and can tone down any bright outfit.

Infinity Scarves

If your outfit isn’t coming together quite right, throw on a cute infinity scarf. You can wrap it around once, twice, or even three times if it’s that big.

Whether they’re ankle or knee high, make sure to dress up or down accordingly. You can pair ankle boots with some cute skinny jeans and knee high boots with a classy pea coat or an edgy skater skirt.

Tribal, polka-dotted, striped and plaid: fun and flirty sweater designs.

Jackets & Coats
Bomber, Trench, Pea, and Belted.



It is no longer 70 degrees—pack these into the back of your closet and give them a break. Leggings are not pants, no matter the design.

Excessive Matching
There is no need. Contrasting colors add personality and originality to any outfit.    Zanita-Morgan1

Wouldn’t you rather bring out some warm winter booties? Leave the sandals behind for that hot summer sun, and enjoy the season that you’re in by dressing accordingly.

If only one aspect of your outfit falls into that category, then you’ll be safe this fall. However, wearing clothing that does not flatter your figure at all is a grade-A danger zone, so keep that to a moderate level.