Have Club Hours Gone Too Wild?

A particularly upbeat Thursday in front of the NAC
A particularly upbeat Thursday in front of the NAC

Some students think the chaos has become overwhelming

As every CCNY students knows, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12 to 2 the common areas of the campus become the setting for clubs to promote their passions and causes. It is a time when the campus communes and shares their interests in the form of club meetings, demonstrations, and events. But some worry that the crowds, blasting music and high energy has become overwhelming.

Navneet Kaur thinks club hours have gone wild. “I think they’re disturbing,” says Kaur, 19. “The loud music doesn’t have purpose.”

Still, many forgive the chaos. For students like Nateam Karim club hours present an opportunity to get to know the school and campus, as well as other students. For a campus full of commuters who live by the hour with little time to socialize, having a time in the middle of class scheduling to unload and communicate proves essential. “I actually enjoy club hours; it’s a moment when you actually meet others on campus,” says Karim, 19. “The different majors usually separates who you meet, but club hours help to change that. Along with that it’s a time you find out about events on campus.”

Adds Sean Xavier Charteswell, 20: “I think it’s a good time to have a break from classes and to hang out with friends.”

Despite the noise and disruptions, Navpreet Kaur, 19, agrees. “Sometimes it gets annoying, but I think club hours are really fun.”