Nasty Bathrooms!

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 5.05.27 PMEverybody’s got to go, but…..

During the day, students find relief in CCNY bathrooms. But here on campus many students have issues with our restrooms. “The bathrooms are never, and I mean never clean when I come to use the toilet,” says third year student, Michelle Holder. “Sometimes I try to hold my breath while I’m in the bathroom because the stench is so strong.”

So many others agree. “Not only are bathroom cubicles dirty, but soap dispensers are found empty,” Tyrese Lovett, a senior at CCNY, says. “I cannot even wash my hands the proper way because there is no soap in the dispensers. That is very unsanitary. Something needs to be done to make these bathrooms better.”

As students complain, is anyone listening? Santa Munoz, a member of the CCNY maintenance staff, expressed surprise about student comments about the state of the restrooms. “The bathrooms are cleaned three to four times a day,” says Munoz. “We try our best to clean up after the students who use these bathrooms, both male and female.”

A quick survey of CCNY students, asking how often you think bathrooms are cleaned noted the following:

75% of students believed that the bathrooms were only cleaned once a day.

20% guessed that bathrooms were cleaned three to four times a day.

5% said bathrooms were cleaned twice a day.

Although the bathrooms at CCNY may not be the cleanest, maintenance has removed most of the graffiti marks, and users can generally find tissue. At least that’s something.