Check Out YCRadio’s Newest Host

Photo by MArvin Duarte

YC Radio is a platform for York students to express themselves as “The Voice of Today’s Generation.” Tamara Taylor is a 34-year-old junior and is currently majoring in social work. Despite studying the social sciences, Taylor expresses her passion for broadcast and now hosts a new show called “MaraMoments.” Taylor describes her show as an outlet for students to become informed about popular topics in and out of the York College campus life.


Q: What is your show about?

A: The name of my show is MaraMoments. When the lead operator of YC Radio, Bryan Graves first asked me what my show was about, I answered casually “It’s all about me.” I gave Bryan quite a giggle from my answer. I had to look deep into myself and think seriously about what Tamara Taylor, had to offer the YCRadio audience. Honestly, I can talk all day about almost anything and everything because I have a lot of interests. My gift for talking made it difficult for me to narrow my topic choices to use on my show. In the end, I decided to stick with all that I know best. MaraMoments offers YCR listeners an array of topics, from the latest in relationship tips, entertainment news, world news coverage and conversations relatable to the YC student experience.

Q: Why and when did you decide to become a radio host?

A: I’ve been an avid radio listener for many years. I remember screaming in my car to my radio, “I love you Wendy,” when my favorite host Wendy Williams was on the air. I’ve always admired her energy, loved her topics and how she kept her audience engaged. I never thought that I would have the opportunity to be a radio personality like Wendy Williams. Thankfully to York College and YC Radio, when the opportunity presented itself, I just went for it.

When I first started my training at YC Radio, I was a little intimidated because most of the hosts were communications and journalism majors. I felt their majors gave them more insight in the field of radio. As a social work major, I came into the experience not knowing anything about the radio. All I knew was I had a strong work ethic, great interpersonal skills, humor and personality. So, I ran with what I knew about myself.


I thought about how to combine my major with radio hosting. I figured, YC radio is the voice of today’s generation. Social workers are the voice for those that are oppressed, in need of services and community outreach. So, I said to myself, “Tamara, there is nothing to be intimidated about. You have a voice, are willing to share your voice and for the greater good of the people.” So, here I am on YC radio.

Q: Did you train or was mentored by a previous show host?

A: YC radio’s lead operator, Bryan Graves taught me the engineering aspects under the radio show “Mezzy In Ya Mental,” hosted by Metzline Desravines. Training under Bryan was  great. It’s great to have a mentor that loves what they do and is willing to share all the knowledge they’ve acquired from practicing their craft. Also, doing my training on Mezzy’s show was the perfect fit because she and I shares the same interests and similar hosting style.

Q: What are a few topics that you enjoy discussing on the show?

A: I really enjoy talking about York College. I came to the conclusion that we cannot be YC radio if we are not talking about YC. So, at the beginning of my show, I always speak about YC first. I generally talk about what’s happening on campus, to financial aid matters, YC clubs and associations and off campus information that I feel will benefit the York College student community.

Q: Who were your guest on the show? If you didn’t have a guest, who would you like to have on your show; would you invite any students, professors, the general public?

A: I have not had any guests on the show as of yet. As an interviewer though, I plan to have an variety of guests. Currently, I am working on having BET’s “Sunday Best” star Latice Crawford on as a guest appearance. Also, I would like to invite members of the student government, YC club representatives and even editors and writers of Pandora’s Box on the air to talk about all that they do and their plans for York College.

Q: How do you usually prepare for a show?

A: I immerse myself in reading. I pick up tons of literary material. One time I even looked at a newspaper called the Yediot. There were only two pages in English that I could read because the entire newspaper was written in Hebrew. I chose various types of readings because of the diverse population studying at York College. Usually, I don’t get the time to watch television, but in preparation for my show, I try to watch at least an hour of television daily to stay informed on current trends and shows. Lastly, I talk to my York College peers and I think of my own experiences to share.

Q: Is broadcast a passion or a hobby for you? What do you hope to achieve this semester?

A: Broadcasting at this point in my life is a passion. If I didn’t feel passionate about my training, my show or my audience, I would not have pursued it. Currently, I am hoping that this experience will take me further into the field of broadcasting

Q: How does this show benefit college students and young people overall?

A: My show puts students in the loop of what’s going on in their school, their community, country and the world. As an example, on my first show, I spoke about the 600% cap on financial aid funding. Many students are not aware of the cap. I felt it was my duty to let my fellow peers know, “Hey people, there’s a cap on finaid. Budget your education wisely.” I’m sure that information proved beneficial to someone.

Q: What are your overall goals for the show? How about present and future goals?

A: At this moment, my goal for show is to learn the craft of hosting and form my education around who I am combined with content that my audience will enjoy. In the words of the rapper Drake, “I just want to be successful.” Whatever my gut feeling tells me, at any given moment, I follow it and do what I feel is necessary to accomplish my goals. My future plans are to combine this experience with my website I created, I would like to offer patrons a live feed experience of relationship advice, notes, quotes and everything dope. YC radio is training me and giving me the experience to do more with what I’ve learned in broadcasting.

Q: When you discovered you would have a show, what was your first reaction and how did you feel emotionally?

A: It was nerve racking. When you first start, you think you have it all together. You think of all the things you’re going to say to your audience and how you are going to wow them with your greatness. Then, reality hits and you’re approaching your mic and saying to yourself, “OMG, what am I going to say to these people?”

“MaraMoments” airs every Tuesday from 1-1:30 p.m. on YCradio. Listeners and prospective guest are encouraged contact Taylor by email at and follow MaraMoments on instagram and podomatic @maramoments.