Students Flock to Stem Fair


In early October, dressed up students crowded the Great Hall in CCNY’s Shepard Hall. Others jammed into the hallway in front of the auditorium entrance to attend the 2014 STEM Career Fair.

On that day, the students met with a number of industries, attracted to City College because of our emphasis and focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Employers came looking for interns and employees among the hundreds of CCNY students.

The fair floor, divided into two main parts of three lines of tables each, featured a variety of organizations–federal agencies, large global companies and smaller businesses.

Among them, the Department of Transportation, Corning Inc., and the Harlem Children’s Zone as well.

To attract the students to the fair, the Career and Professional Development Institute sent a blast of emails. They came to see what companies might interested in them now and after graduation.

“The students come here for different reasons,” says ad/PR major Samantha Ghanie, a senior graduating this December. “A senior come here to get a job, a sophomore or junior looks for an internship and a freshman just come to see what we offer.”

Some want to get a feel for what’s to come after graduation. “I’m right now unemployed,” says David, a biomedical engineering major, who wore a perfect gray suit and a smile. He asked not to use his last name as did others interviewed. “I just want to see what’s interesting here in term of job opportunities.”

Some recruiters are ready to roll. “We are hiring right now,” said Christina Dallas from Sports and Arts in School Foundation. “We are the largest arts in school program in the nation. We are also located throughout the city’s five boroughs and Mount Vernon.” This foundation provides an after school program that incorporates sports, arts and education. It exists for those who finish classes on day and want to go to the after school programs beside of their institution.

Long lines formed in front of two tables reserved for Corning Incorporated. The company became popular for its innovation in material science such as optical communication and environmental technology. “I am expected to graduate in January 2015, I am here to apply for jobs,” said Sam, a mechanical engineering major. “At the other tables where I went to, the employers are guiding the students on how to apply for jobs beyond their field and online too.”

“You will be surprised to see how many majors are flexible across industries,” added Ghanie. “This is why it’s always good to attend a career fair to see opportunities that you think don’t exist prior.”