Wanna Go to Cannes?

The trip of a lifetime for MCA and business students


Every summer, scenes from Cannes, the splashy, celebrity-focused film festival, grab international headlines. A recent event at CCNY offered students a way to experience the spectacle themselves.

Michael Bremer visited City College recently to give an informational session on The American Pavilion. Every year in Cannes, France, the film industry coordinates the biggest and most publicized festival of its kind, Le Festival Internacional du Film de Cannes. The invitation-only event runs for two weeks in May.

The pavilion has a section dedicated to students in media program, business majors, and even culinary students. Participants can navigate through the festival after their internship work schedule, and expose themselves to the multitude of professionals in the industry.

Students also benefit from observing media giants advertise and develop strategies to grab a piece of the consumer market. Do not forget networking, which can provide many opportunities for those participating as they advance career wise in their respective fields. McKenzie, 27, an Ad PR major student interested in the program said “I mean just the network alone in the program is going to be crazy. So I’m definitely going to apply.”

However, such opening does come with a huge price tag. College students have to manage tuition, textbooks, and personal finances. A fee of almost 3,500, dollars, without including personal expenses, does not seem feasible even if the benefits might outshine the cost. Bliss, 23, a CCNY student thinks the benefits outweigh the costs “I think for what it is… it makes sense. I understand why it costs that much.” She said, “Of course, I wish that they could offer a full scholarship for students.”