Crown Heights Gentrification Fight

A large group of Crown Heights residents protested in the streets of their neighborhood on March 10 to deplore the conditions of their apartments caused by a management company in the community, as well as demand fair treatment from their landlords.

The protest began at 10:30 a.m. in front of 1030 Carroll St. with a group of tenants, collectively called the Crown Heights Tenants Union, as well as supporters who also reside in the area. It’s an anti-gentrification movement that highlights the unfair treatment, protesters say, newcomers to the neighborhood don’t receive. Attendees ranged from old-school residents who have lived in Crown Heights for over 20 years to newer residents who have lived there for five years.

“Fight, fight! Housing is a right! Hey, hey, ho, ho, these slumlords have got to go!” they chanted in front of the building, as they stood behind barricade tape reading “gentrification in progress.” They also held cardboard signs that read a range of phrases including “We pay rent, we have rights” and “Equal repairs for all.”