Gallery Shows Off CUNY Art

Kingsborough Community College is one of the few CUNY junior colleges that has access to a 2100 square foot venue with a 20 feet ceiling—not just a room— dedicated to showcasing artwork. Unfortunately, the Art Gallery might as well be invisible to most students that attend the school. When they are inside of it, it’s with their heads down, hands on their backpack straps and feet shuffling, using it as a shortcut to make it to their classes.
“I had class right there in front of it, so I just walked through a few times,” Jean Uel, a student in his last semester at Kingsborough said. “Some of the stuff there is really nice. I just don’t think they spread the word around the buildings as much; that we actually have it there.”
The Art Gallery, which opened up in 1976 with a faculty art exhibition, begins each exhibition season by upholding that tradition with the Annual Art Faculty Exhibition and ends the season with the greatly anticipated Student Art Exhibition. In between these two exhibitions are three to four shows from outside artists.