John Jay Sports on the Rebound

During the Spring 2013 semester Carol Kashow, John Jay’s athletic director, was appointed to take over an athletics department that was in disarray. Just a month before she was appointed, both the men’s basketball team and the school’s rifle team were competing for the Conference Finals in their respective sports.
Since then the men’s basketball team have posted an 11-21 record against other CUNYAC (CUNY’s Athletic Conference) teams in the past two seasons. Records like these are not limited to men’s basketball, as most John Jay teams have had records below .500 since the 2012-13 season, numbers that do not impress John Jay students.
“It is definitely a missed opportunity that our teams do not perform well,” said Ajahnae Raven McClarke, a junior. “If teams play well, people will come out and support and school spirit will grow from that.”