Virtual Vacation for Students

City College students are feeling the pressure of final papers and exams now that there are two weeks left to the semester. With that in mind, the Entrepreneurship Club decided to treat their fellow classmates to a vacation — one that didn’t cost a single penny — with the power of virtual reality.

“They wanted all the students at City College to try virtual reality because it’s the new thing. I’m sure they’re aware of it, but they may have never experienced it,” Chelsi Ampang, Vice President of Events for the club, stated. “We just wanted to demo it, and let the students understand that this thing is cool, this thing is happening, and we want people to learn more about it.”

“Virtual reality is really an emerging field right now,”Mahmoud Khedr, Co-President of the club, said. “When you look at tech, entertainment, and education, VR is having a big impact on all of them.”