Student Housing Woes

On the corner of Kenilworth Place and Farragut Road lies a towering structure with long glass windows, artistically planted trees, and students filtering in and out. Rising above a sea of small, rundown, single-family brick houses, the eight-floor building stands out as strikingly new and seemingly out of place.

In 2010, the Residence Hall at Brooklyn College (RHBC) was established to give students “the opportunity to live away from home… with all the comforts you’re used to plus added conveniences—at a fraction of city housing costs.” At least, that’s what Brooklyn College’s website advertises. Does the Residence Hall live up to this promise? Not really, many students say.

“The laundry machines are like always broken, I had a friend who tried to use them and when he opened the door after using it, it was just a pile of water in the clothes,” said Michelle Micara. “There’s also something wrong with the pipes. My friend lives on the eighth floor, and if you fill up a cup of water [from her sink] it looks gray.”