College Survival Tips

The semester kicked off, and if you’re a freshman, transfer or otherwise new to CCNY, you may be feeling a mix of excitement, dread, and anxiety. Navigating a large four-year college can be challenging. “I wish people had helped me understand the harsh realities of college,” sighs Samantha Gomez, an English Literature major at City College. “It’s like you just get thrown in there with the sharks.” Gomez is just one of the many students who have encountered obstacles in college.

Although Gomez is shy of her diploma, that’s not always the case for others.

How can the path be smoother for new students – while raising retention rates at the same time? Lewis Zuchman, a professor of psychology at CCNY and executive director of SCAN, (Supportive Children Advocacy Network, a non-profit organization that provides services for high risk youth and families,) is already on the job. He offers tips every student should know to survive the college years — particularly freshmen.