OPINION: Indadequate Reporting Spreads Misleadings News About CUNY

BARUCH COLLEGE — When a person enters any position that throws them into the public view, they do so knowing that they are sacrificing their privacy. This sacrifice is a necessary part of pursuing careers in the public sphere and should not come with penalties.

The New York Post put up two articles – “The ‘loons’ should be the least of CUNY’s faculty worries” and “How nutty adjuncts are slipping into local colleges” – both featuring ludicrous remarks about full-time and adjunct professors in the CUNY system. One such remark mentioned, in a sinister manner, that a professor had sired 29 children by being a sperm donor. This piece of information offered no relevancy to the articles as the man never committed any illegal or treacherous act by being a sperm donor. The donations were a part of his private life and should have been left that way, not used as an attempt to provide evidence that CUNY professors are “loons.”