Questions of Anti-Semitism at the University of Michigan

QUEENS COLLEGE–Another day of classes had just begun for the students at The University of Michigan. For most, it was just one day closer to the weekend. For one student, it was the day anti-Semitism had become a part of her curriculum.

Alexa Smith, senior graphic design major at The University of Michigan, was attending a mandatory lecture entitled the “Penny Stamps Speaker Series,” held by Professor Emory Douglas. During the lecture, Douglas exhibited a series of slides on a projector, containing approximately 200 in total, but one of them had quickly offended Jewish students. It was a photo of Adolf Hitler, who in the 1940s led Germany into World War II and enacted the mass genocide of six million Jews. Alongside his photo, was the face that belongs to the current Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. Written across their foreheads were the words: “Guilty of Genocide.”