Who’s In Charge of the Koi Fish?

BROOKLYN COLLEGE–Brooklyn College faculty and staff are not on the same wavelength when it comes to the future of 14 koi fish currently residing in BC’s Lily Pond.

The Lily Pond adjacent to the library has long been a shining jewel of the campus. Usually cooler and usually quieter, it is a sanctuary for students to go to study, work, or relax. It is also the home of a micro-ecosystem of squirrels, turtles, goldfish, and koi who live in and around the area.

The story was brought to The Kingsman by a Brooklyn College carpenter, Marty, who helped his father-in-law, a koi fish breeder who had gotten too old to take care of them, bring the fish to Brooklyn College last summer, although there was no official arrangement between Marty and anyone from Brooklyn College.