Ticker Ed Board Takes on CUNY TV and Blackboard

Photo: Rob Allen

BARUCH COLLEGE–This week’s editorials in The Ticker hone in on two CUNY institutions: CUNY TV and the online curriculum platform, Blackboard.

CUNY TV should be geared more toward student content

While the content of CUNY TV is strong, it’s not perfectly suited for a college student audience. All of the CUNY schools are represented in some way by CUNY TV, though at first glance most of the programming appears to highlight the ideas of faculty members or special guests rather than students. Engaging the student body as viewers could be easier with more student representation in the programming. 

Blackboard doesn’t live up to student expectations

Baruch College students are encouraged to take advantage of the many technological resources available to them. From computer labs to study rooms to numerous online platforms, students have access to many different resources that can help them study and learn. 

However, instead of streamlining how students absorb their content, professors often resort to using more than one online platform because of CUNY Blackboard’s inefficiency.